Getting Around Zihuatanejo

Getting around Zihuatanejo, Mexico

How to find El Tamarindo

El Tamarindo at Casa Calamondin is located on the main La Ropa road between Loot Surf and Lifestyle Store and Trattoria da Gianni Italian Restaurant, just around the curve from the OXXO convenience store.

Look for a large tamarind tree beside the road near the curve. The house has wood-slat gates and garage doors, a parking area in front of the house, and a sign that says “El Tamarindo” next to the main front door. You can located us on Google Maps by searching for “El Tamarindo at Casa Calamondin“. Taxis know it simply as El Tamarindo.

La Ropa beach is a short two-block, largely flat walk from the property.


El Tamarindo at Casa Calamondin - Getting around Zihuatanejo

Taxis, buses, and your own Two Feet

Taxis and micro-buses (combis) pass right by the door of the house. The tamarindo tree out front provides a shaded taxi and bus stop. The La Ropa bus (color coded with a dark blue stripe on the bus) can deliver you right to the municipal market (el mercado), and you can catch the return bus to La Ropa at the bus stop across the boulevard from the market at the corner nearest Santander bank (Antonia Nava street). You can also catch the return bus just down from Scotiabank in town at at the Plaza Kioto bus stop.

There is a taxi stand about one block away, just beyond the Dolphins on the right-hand fork leading to the beach and Paty’s Marimar Restaurant (telephone for radio taxis is 755-554-3311).

It’s fun to walk into town in the early morning or late afternoon, but it can be a bit arduous during the heat of midday. The walk usually takes about 30 minutes. You can either follow the streets all the way into town or turn down the steep hill in front of Hotel Irma then head to the beachfront walkway, accessed next to the Hotel Palacios at the base of the hill.

Zihuatanejo International Airport (ZIH)

When flying into Zihuatanejo airport, authorized airport taxis, collective transport, and rental car services are available at the arrivals area. No unauthorized vehicles are allowed to pick up passengers within the airport confines. Look for the ground transport/taxi counter (click here for current rates) outside the arrivals gate and buy your ground transportation ticket(s) there. Prices listed are per person for collective service and per vehicle for a taxi. Large Suburbans for large groups cost more; however, these prices can change frequently and without notice.

If you want to take a regular bus from the airport into town, you’ll have to walk out of the airport confines. You can catch the local microbus or combi (small vans) into Zihuatanejo right past the exit from the airport near the rental cars. Have the microbus drop you at Electra (near the market) and walk about two blocks down Vicente Guerrero Boulevard to the La Ropa bus stop in front of the market and Santander bank. Ask the La Ropa bus driver to let you off in front of El Tamarindo just before the Oxxo store.

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